•   over 6 years ago

Brief for Best Visualization (Design)

I asked the hackathon manager Nik about further details about the brief, and he answered kindly:

It's clear that the outcome should be 2 Marvel prototypes, one for mobile and one for desktop, but what should I show on these prototypes exactly? What is the challenge needs to be solved for the users?



It’s easier for me to answer your question with a few links:




If you visit these links, you will see that each displays time-based information with a different visualization. Try interacting with the visualizations…there are hover, drag, click and other interactions. The objective of the Design category in the Hackathon is for you to design new and interesting ways to visualize time-based information. Perhaps you will come up with a design that puts information in circles, or sliding panels or a map…be as creative as you like.

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