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Need help, insights or guidance, please ask

Hello Hackathon Participants,

A quick introduction -- I am WhenHub co-founder/cto and manager for this Hackathon.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in this Hackathon. I just wanted you to know that if you have any questions, need help with any aspect of our platform, or just want to bounce some ideas around, my team and I are available to assist you.

You can post your questions publicly here, or if you prefer, email to

We, at WhenHub, are very excited about this Hackathon and look forward to seeing the creative ideas you come up with.




  •   •   over 6 years ago

    Is the support tab @ monitored? I posted a question over the weekend. Should I ask here instead?

  • Manager   •   over 6 years ago

    My apologies for the delay. Since we just launched the Developer portal it wasn't in our list of places to monitor. I have answered your question now.

  •   •   over 6 years ago

    Hi, Nik. I can't seem to fork the "mycomposer" repository. Tells me to reload the page and try again. No repository is created. Thanks

  • Manager   •   over 6 years ago

    Hi Aliyah,

    Not sure why it isn't working, but here are the manual workaround steps:

    1) Go to and click "Fork"

    2) Clone the forked repository to your desktop.

    3) Make the following edits:
    a) Rename the "visualizations/mycompany" folder with your username.
    b) Edit "visualizations/manifest.json" and replace "mycompany" with your username. Edit other values as you deem appropriate.

    4) Commit your changes locally and back to the GitHub remote.

    You should now be able to proceed with the regular instructions.

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