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over 4 years ago

Revisions to Prizes

We did not receive enough entries in the Best Visualization (Code) and Best Visualization (Design) categories that are of a high enough quality and deserving of significant prizes. We did, however, receive quite a few entries in the Best Use of WhenHub API category that are quite innovative and good quality.

We have therefore kept the overall prize amount the same, but revised the prize assignments slightly to better align with the number and quality of submissions actually received. This gives the judges greater flexiblity in awarding prizes to entrants (versus the alternative, which would be not to award a prize).

Please review the revised prize details here:  The specific revisions are as follows:

1) (New) Best Overall Prize - $5,000 cash plus book, T-shirt and recognition (this prize can be awarded to a submission in any category)

2) (Revised) Best Visualization (Code) First Prize - $2,000 cash plus book, T-shirt and recognition

3) (Revised) Best Visualization (Code) Second Prize - $500 cash plus book, T-shirt and recognition

4) (Revised) Best Visualization (Design) First Prize - $2,000 cash plus book, T-shirt and recognition

5) (Revised) Best Visualization (Design) Second Prize - $500 cash plus book, T-shirt and recognition

6) (Eliminated) Best Visualization (Code and Design) Third Prizes

7) (Revised) Best Use of WhenHub API Third Prize - Increased from 1 to 3

Thank you.